Discover the Antwerp metropolis in an original way and experience Antwerp with City Golf. During this unique city tour, a guide will take your group to enjoy a round of urban golf. The holes aren’t holes in the ground, but statues, fountains, etc. After you’ve played the hole, you’ll be provided with some information about the sights, fun anecdotes, and catchy stories about this beautiful city.

Go for a 6-hole (2 hours) or 9-hole (3 hours) tour, and be shown around by a team of young, dynamic people all too eager to share their passion for Antwerp with you. There are 3 standard tours, the MAS Tour, the Grote Markt Tour, and the Eilandje Tour, but we’d be more than happy to put together a bespoke tour. Antwerp offers plenty of possibilities and we enjoy a challenge.

Be sure to also experience City Beer Golf! With City Beer Golf, you can taste 3 Antwerp city beers at 3 authentic Antwerp bars and play City Golf at 4 historical locations. If you’d like to stimulate your senses, you can always opt for a pairing of city beers and chocolate.

Points of departure are the MAS or Grote Markt, but we’re flexible and can also come pick up the group elsewhere.