Rely on knowledge and creativity

In Antwerp, a world port, a world-famous fashion district and a world diamond centre all await you. The world port – Antwerp is Europe’s number two – receives more than 60,000 vessels per year. It is also home to the Maritime Academy, with its unique Nautical Science and Marine Engineering programmes, which also attract many international students.

Meanwhile, Antwerp’s fashion and diamond districts show that the city is bursting with creativity – the ultimate proof of this being the internationally acclaimed Royal Academy of Fine Arts. That creativity generates constant change and innovation – at the cultural level, but in other areas too. For instance, Antwerp University has a strong international reputation for its scientific research results, while the Institute for Tropical Medicine lays solid foundations for international efforts to combat disease.

In short, when you come to Antwerp you enter an outstanding knowledge hub, brimming over with expertise in a huge range of fields. And that’s why you and Antwerp will soon be on the same wavelength, and complementing one another’s strengths too.

Antwerp Convention Bureau

You can count on Antwerp Convention Bureau for professional and independent advice. The team of Antwerp Convention Bureau has years of experience combined with unique skills and can provide you the right services for free. Their local and international network is put to use in order to give the perfect solutions.

We can support you free of charge and without obligation with:

  • Analysis of conference requirements and demands
  • Drawing up a candidature dossier
  • Assistance with the presentation of a conference application
  • Organisation and invitation for the inspection of venues and hotels
  • Analysis and preparation of a budget
  • Provision of contacts for qualified key service providers
  • Delivery of promotional material
  • Introduction to local industry and government contacts
  • Access to promotional materials including videos, images, and brochures about Antwerp
  • Facilitation of site inspections and fam trips in Antwerp
  • Production of bid books and PowerPoint presentations
  • Complimentary visitor guides for delegates

Mediating with venues and service providers for:

  • Reservation of conference premises
  • Provision of promotional material on the destination
  • A source of information for conference participants

Contact us via:  or via +32 3 338 95 83