Travelling to and within Antwerp is easy

Antwerp lies in the heart of Flanders and at the centre of Europe. It’s very simple to travel to. By air, for example – via Brussels or even Antwerp Airport. Or by rail: it’s a straightforward trip from London, Paris or Amsterdam to the city centre, arriving at one of the world’s most beautiful stations.

Once you’re in the city, everything’s within easy reach. In this pocket-sized global city, most locations are within walking distance, and public transport offers smooth links between the different districts.


If you are planning to visit Antwerp by car start by checking here whether your vehicle may enter the low emission zone. If your vehicle may enter the city, but it doesn’t have a Belgian or Dutch number plate, then you will need to register your car first. 

Does your car not meet the conditions for admission to the LEZ? Do you still want to drive into the city centre? Then you will be able to purchase a LEZ day pass up to eight times a year.

LEZ machines

Did you enter the low emission zone by accident? Are you on your way to Antwerp but not certain whether your vehicle may actually enter the low emission zone? Then go to one of the six  LEZ machinesand check, register or buy a LEZ day pass to avoid a fine.

Travel to Antwerp the smart way

Do you want to avoid entering the low emission zone with your vehicle? Then use one of the many park and rides outside the LEZ. You can easily and cheaply travel into the city centre by public transport.

You can easily get to Antwerp by train. Get off in Antwerp-Central, one of the most beautiful stations in the world, which is located in the city centre. From here on you can easily get to your destination by bus, tram, taxi or on foot. No more worrying about where to park your car.

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