Aplace/Antwerp City Flats and Suites, located on a quaint square in the fashion district area of Antwerp, is your ideal spot from where to discover this magnificent city.

Aplace/Antwerp City Flats and Suites provides warmly designed and comfortable suites& city flats.

You’ll experience the same conveniences and will be provided with the same amenities as in a proper boutique hotel, except that we don’t serve breakfast. However, several cosy breakfast places can be found in the immediate vicinity of Aplace/Antwerp City Flats and Suites.

Aplace/Antwerp City Flats and Suites is located on a charming small square ‘De Vrijdagmarkt’. It finds itself in very close proximity of the ‘Groenplaats’, the Grand Square facing City Hall and many designer shops.

Everything you need (or don’t need) you’ll have at your finger tips: restaurants, bars, designer & furniture stores, supermarkets, bakery shops, hair salons, museums, etc.

Vrijdagmarkt 1

2000 Antwerp


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