Why your next conference will feel at home in Antwerp

Antwerp is a metropolis on a human scale. Large but navigable. Building on its history, but permanently innovative. Full of diversity, but always recognisable.

That’s why you – and your conference – will instantly feel at home. You can experience every taste, style and colour here, benefit from a huge range of expertise, and encounter both thinkers and doers (just check out the city’s many startups).

In Antwerp, you’ll find common ground and sources of inspiration – ideal for enriching your conference. You’re more than welcome: there’s no shortage of venues, restaurants and hotels.

Working, staying and eating in Antwerp

Whether you’re organising a major conference or a modest meeting, Antwerp has exactly the venue you’re looking for – from impressive event spaces to well-equipped meeting rooms in hotels and unique halls that your guests will still be talking about years later.

Incidentally, did you know that Antwerp is one of Belgium’s top three destinations? The number of visits and overnight stays is growing every year. That means you can be sure that after the meeting you’ll enjoy being in Antwerp, as you can hop from cultural and architectural ‘must sees’ to trendy ‘must shops’. And with a restaurant on virtually every street corner, Antwerp will satisfy your appetite for good food too. So why not extend your visit and accommodate your guests in one of the more than fifty accredited hotels in the city?

Visit Antwerpen 

Visit Antwerpen is a close partner of the Antwerp Convention Bureau.
You can count on Visit Antwerp for professional and independent advice. The team of Visit Antwerpen has years of experience combined with unique skills and can provide you the right services for free. Their local and international network is put to use in order to give the perfect solutions.

Visit Antwerp can support you free of charge and without obligation with:

  • Analysis of conference requirements and demands
  • Drawing up a candidature dossier
  • Assistance with the presentation of a conference application
  • Organisation and invitation for the inspection of venues and hotels
  • Analysis and preparation of a budget
  • Provision of contacts for qualified key service providers
  • Delivery of promotional material
  • Introduction to local industry and government contacts
  • Access to promotional materials including videos, images, and brochures about Antwerp
  • Facilitation of site inspections and fam trips in Antwerp
  • Production of bid books and PowerPoint presentations
  • Complimentary visitor guides for delegates

Mediating with venues and service providers for:

  • Reservation of conference premises
  • Provision of promotional material on the destination
  • A source of information for conference participants

Contact: bidding@visitantwerpen.be