Make My Day is a theatre and artist agency with many years of experience.

We are the perfect artistic partner to help with organising your event, concert, festival, conference, private or company party, and more. We have an extensive range of Belgian and international performers to choose from if you’re looking for an artist or a band. This also applies to any activities, acoustic and flexible bands, workshops, presenters, street performances, and children’s activities. Our work is always based on a proposal that is tailored to your budget.

We will be happy to brainstorm with you to find solutions to specific requests that may not be as obvious to find in our range. Customisation is one of our specialities.

We also have a solution to all your logistical and technical requests. We work together with high-quality partners to provide, among other things, lighting & audio systems, tent rental, stages, furniture, decorations, and audio-visual materials.

In short, we have everything you need to make this the perfect day.

Let’s Make YOUR Day!

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